U.S. Postal Service
International Brotherhood of Teamsters
General Services Administration
Best Choice Construction
Hilton Hotels
Childrens Hospital Washington D.C.
V.A. Medical Center Washington D.C.
Shamin Hotels
Washington Hospital Center
Helix Construction
CBS Radio
NCB Bank

Motion Pictures Association, Wash D.C.
U.S. Department of Agriculture-Md.
NSWC - Bethesda, Md.
NAFAC - Bethesda, Md.
AFL-CIO Headquarters, Wash D.C.
Department of Army-Md.
C.B. Richard Ellis
National Institutes of Health-Md.
NASA-Greenbelt, Md.
CCS Inc.
Carr Astronautics
Lockheed Martin-Md.
Mack-Cali Realty Inc.
National Geographic Association- Washington D.C.
National Institute of Aging
International Union of Operating Engineers Headquarters
JS International Inc.
Verizon - Md.
Hewlett Packard - Md.
Geico Insurance Co.
Calvert County Schools - Md.
Community Realty Co.
Baltimore County Schools - Md.
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